Licensed Massage Therapist

Mary, Owner

Mary is a State Licensed Massage Therapist who brings intellect, intuition, and hands-on experience to her massage therapy practice. Mary understands that wellness has different meanings to different people, and she embodies that philosophy by offering a variety of modalities, such as Swedish & Deep Tissue techniques, Prenatal & Postpartum massage, Dry Cupping therapy, and Acupressure, to help you focus on your goals. She integrates various principles from her training in yoga/movement, energetic healing, and Thai massage methods onto the massage table.


Licensed Massage Therapist


Jennifer is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and Reiki Practioner. Jennifer is native to the Baltimore area and studied holistic massage therapy at Holistic Massage Training Institute (HMTI). 

She is a self-care enthusiast who is fascinated by the energetic quantum connections of the mind, body and spirit. Jennifer utilizes massage therapy as a tool to facilitate a safe and comfortable space for clients to relax and support their natural healing. Jennifer creates custom massage sessions for each client whether they are looking to clear their minds and feel relaxed, alleviate pain, or improve range of motion. 

Jennifer's massage style incorporates techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Thai & Shiatsu, Lymphatic, Reiki (Usui), Sekhem-Seichim Reiki (SSR), Aromatherapy, and Crystals.


Registered Massage Practitioner


Caroline Wittman, RMP graduated from Holistic Massage Training Institute. She is skilled in Swedish and Deep Tissue and looks to a holistic approach to wellness for each client.


She is eager to work with clients to achieve their wellness goals while providing a relaxing and enriching therapeutic experience. Considerate of her clients needs she strives to continue her knowledge base in different modalities such as Myofascial Release, Acupressure and Lymphatic Drainage.


Licensed Esthetician


Caitlin Pavelick  is an esthetician with a passion for skincare, in particular acne and anti-aging clients. She will help you look and feel your best using organic products, essential oils, and facial massage techniques. Whatever your skincare goals, she will work to create a treatment plan to fit your needs. Caitie prides herself on making your waxing experience as painless as possible and educating her clients on achieving the best results they can, every time.


Licensed Massage Therapist


Rachel LaPlaca, LMT and Reiki Practitioner, was inspired by her yoga practice to pursue a career in Massage therapy. A graduate of Cortiva, her training includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, and Dry Cupping therapy. She also incorporates Reiki and crystals into massage sessions to help clients relieve stress and connect to their Chakras. 

Rachel is passionate about self care and encourages her clients to find the patterns that may be contributing to their pain. She welcomes clients from all walks of life and enjoys supporting those who are invested in their own wellness path.


Registered Massage Practitioner


Bryan DeVaughn  graduated from the Baltimore School of Massage. He offers a relaxing Swedish massage with Deep Tissue and percussion techniques. He is certified through Claire Marie Miller's "Nurturing the Mother" program and looks forward to providing therapeutic massage during all stages of pregnancy and postpartum care.


Along with a high quality service, Bryan provides the utmost honesty, awareness, and compassion to all of his clients.


Licensed Massage Therapist


Christina Yim is a graduate of the Holistic Massage Training Institute of Baltimore, and is also a 200-hour registered yoga teacher from the Baltimore Yoga Village.


Her specialties include Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Acupressure modalities, in addition to being certified in Reiki and Thai-yoga bodywork. She is an avid student of life and world traveler, always seeking new opportunities to learn and add hands-on experience to her healing repertoire.