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1st Appointment $125 

(allow 90 Minutes for the first appointment)

Follow-Up Appointment $80

Acupuncture can be used to treat acute and chronic problems as well as provide preventative medical treatment. By eliminating congestion and activating circulation of Qi, (pronounced: chee) Acupuncture disrupts patterns of illness.  Qi  is the vital energy which flows through a system of channels called meridians and regulates the bodily functions.  Qi essentially refers to all of the body's physiological and metabolic processes.  The meridians are the transmission lines among the various parts of the body, making the organism a unified whole.  When Qi and Blood stagnate, the processes of elimination and regeneration deteriorate, and this constitutes the underlying basis for many forms of illness.  Acupuncture helps encourage homeostasis in the body by regulating and restoring a harmonious, energetic balance.   


Acupuncture has been clinically proven to:
• Regulate hormones
• Improve circulation
• Alleviate pain
• Strengthen immunity against disease
• Speed recovery time from injury and surgical procedures
• Promote relaxation and the body’s “rest and digest” functions (parasympathetic activity)
• Ease emotional tension


Acupuncturist techniques that may be incorporated into session:


Trigger Point Acupuncture-

The application of acupuncture to myofascial trigger points.  Active trigger points are one of the leading causes of neck, shoulder and back pain.  This is a very effective and direct way to get right to the source of muscle pain while helping to reduce postural strain patterns, headaches and much more!



Electroacupuncture is a form of acupuncture where a small electric current (microcurrent) is passed between pairs of acupuncture needles.  This is particularly good for treating pain, reducing swelling and inflammation.  Microcurrent can be used to improve athletic performance, reduce recovery time following injuries and heal muscle and nerve impairments.

Cupping Therapy-

Cupping, which utilizes vacuum suction with glass or plastic globes, is a technique that quickens and invigorates blood circulation similar to a deep tissue massage technique.  Muscle injury, acute bronchial congestion, joint pain, and headache are just some of the conditions that may be helped with this method.  Cupping can also be very effective in treating scar tissue.

Herbal Medicine-

Herbal Medicine is the world’s most ancient form of dietary supplementation.  Formulas are prescribed after careful assessment and diagnosis to address the underlying condition.  Like vitamins or food supplements, they can boost vitality and maintain health.  Herbal formulas are used as a preventative to the imbalances leading to illness and disease.   Herbal formulas can complement or provide an effective alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.  




$100- 60 Minutes

$140- 90 Minutes

Acu-Massage integrates Massage Therapy and Acupuncture and may include Cupping, Trigger Point Release and focused Manual Therapy techniques based on the needs of the client. Kristine brings her skills as an Advanced Manual Therapist including Deep Tissue Massage,

Trigger Point & Myofascial release, Shiatsu, Facilitated Stretching and Mobilization Techniques. Acupuncture is combined to enhance these therapies and improve treatment outcomes.


Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture-


Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture treatment focuses on the face, neck and head.  This treatment includes the insertion of fine, hair-like needles into the face, causing tiny microtrauma to the skin triggering a process that increases blood flow, improves elasticity and activates collagen production.  The result is revitalized and nourished skin and reduced tension around the muscles of the forehead and jaw.  Acupressure, essential oil application and facial cupping techniques may be combined.  Treatments are individualized based on the needs of the clients.